Zoroastrian APPG AGM 2015

Wednesday 17th June saw the Zoroastrian APPG’s first annual general meeting (AGM) of the new Parliament.  The AGM was held at Committee Room 8 in the House of Lords and was well attended, with a number of prominent members of the Parsi community present.


The meeting determined the Zoroastrian APPG agenda for the next year and also held the election of officers, the results of which can be seen below:

Co-Chair & Registered Contact      Gareth Thomas MP

Co-Chair                                         Lord Bilimoria

Secretary                                        Stephen Pound MP

Treasurer                                       Jonathan Djanogly MP

Treasurer                                       Lord Popat

Vice Chair                                       Virendra Sharma MP

Vice-Chair                                       Baroness Prasha

Vice Chair                                       Lord Dholakia


The Zoroastrian Trust Fund for Europe (ZTFE) agreed to continue their secretarial role for the group and congratulated the parliamentarians on their recent re-election to Parliament, as well as thanking those present for their participation in the APPG and for their wider work to promote the interests of the Zoroastrian faith and community.



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